As a pet owner, chances are you already spoil your pet all-year-round! But we know that the holidays are a special time for gift-giving. Our team’s holiday gift guide has everything the ultimate pet-lover needs this holiday season.


#1: Food puzzles to provide mental enrichment

Ditch the food dish and feed your pet from a food puzzle to provide mental stimulation and encourage physical activity. Whether you feed your pet canned food or dry, a variety of options are available, such as:


#2: Subscription box that keeps on giving

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a monthly subscription box packed full of toys, treats, and other fun items customized to your pet’s needs. Multiple package plans guarantee you can find the best option for your budget. Check out meowbox for cats or BarkBox for dogs, two of the top pet subscription boxes. 


#3: Treat-tossing camera to keep your pet entertained while you’re away

Do you wish you could check in on your pet while you’re at work? Now you can with a treat-tossing camera that allows you to chat with your furry pal, see what they’re doing, and reward them for good behavior. 


#4: Pet odor candle that eliminates pet funk

When you walk into your home, do you notice a musty funk indicating you share your space with a four-legged friend? Eliminate pet odors with a specially formulated candle that destroys furry smells. 

#5: Heavy duty vacuum to suck up fur tumbleweeds

When you share your home with a furry companion, furballs are inevitable. Stage a showdown with fur tumbleweeds with a vacuum designed to tackle clumps of fuzz and fluff throughout your home. The lightweight, maneuverable vacuum is so easy to use, you’ll happily suck up fur everyday. 


But another fantastic gift to give your pet this year? The gift of good health! Please contact us to schedule an appointment.