We deliver the highest standard quality and compassion of veterinary medicine to your furry friends along with friendly and professional care.


Veterinary Services In Grand Haven, MI

We are committed to providing quality Veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.

Wellness Exams

Longterm health and well-being hinge on preventative care. Every pet is different and our team works hard to ensure that each pet gets individualized recommendations for preventative care and vaccinations. Regularly scheduled, thorough physical examinations and diagnostics help to identify problems while they can be more easily managed while home dental care, consistent parasite prevention programs, proper nutrition help to ensure the health of your pet. 

Laser Therapy
Dental Cleanings and Radiographs
Laboratory Testing
It’s difficult to see your pet in pain or suffering and not know what’s wrong. Our team provides state of the art in house diagnostics to help us learn what’s wrong and provide an accurate diagnosis. We are equipped with an In-House Laboratory that allows our veterinarians to quickly perform diagnostic tests on a variety of body fluids (ear swabs, blood, urine, etc) to achieve an accurate and rapid diagnosis. This is especially important in very ill animals and those requiring immediate treatment. While not all samples can be analyzed in-house; we work with our outside laboratory services for rapid and accurate results.
Flea & Tick Control